Equipment production facilities

Customised equipment for innovative production

We require technically perfectly functional equipment for development and production of our highly complex products. They are an important component for smooth progress of our production processes and play a decisive role for the quality of our products.

The employees of our equipment production facility design and produce high-quality customised tools, test gauges, welding and assembly devices in close cooperation with our customer. They work with state-of-the-art simulation and software programmes that enable them to develop innovative and complex production methods. 


Our equipment production facility reviews the producability of car body and chassis components in the development and planning phases of a new project. State-of-the-art software develops and reviews planned production services virtually on the screen in the production of forming simulations to warrant implementation feasibility before a project starts. Together with the internal contacts, the process sequence and the equipment can be optimised on the computer already in coordination with the internal contacts. This saves costs and use of unnecessary resources.

Tool construction

Our company needs many different tools to produce our products. The development, care and maintenance of this equipment are performed by our internal tool construction. State-of-the-art technology, experience and the know-how of our employees are an important resource to continually keep the equipment in proper condition. Modern milling centres, wire erosion plants, tryout presses, tactile and visual measuring systems enable the team to produce customised progressive composite dies, transfer and line tools for products of Stahl and aluminium, as well as cooled tools for press-hardening for our state-of-the-art press systems. The production of test and prototype tools for process securing or delivery of pre-series parts is possible.

In the area of device construction, our employees develop and build welding and assembly devices, test gauges, as well as automation systems for our different production areas.